WEEK of August 16-18


This week:
Wednesday: Procedures and math books issued
Thursday: Math Benchmark
Friday: Math Benchmark Continued

Next Week:
Topic 1: Place Value

                  Social Studies

This Week:
We are starting with Science

Next Week:


This Week:
Chapter 1: Cold Blooded Animals

Next Week:
Chapter 1 Continued
Science Lab Materials Needed by August 23rd:
-8 Clear punch cups
-4 tongs (will be returned)


Students are learning how to write:
Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo

Language Arts/Writing
This Week:
Sentences and Fragments

 Guided Reading
This Week: 
Reading Group Procedures

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Spelling Words

Words on site change each Thursday. Locate words for upcoming tests in Renweb, or in planner if words have been changed.

No Spelling Words This Week!!

No verse this week!
Please look here for the verse on Thursday for next week.

Chapel Verse Leader:
Smith Verse Leader: 
Justice Verse Leader: 

Secret Word: First Week

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