WEEK of April 24th


This week:
-Dividing regions into fractions
-Fractions and sets
-Finding equal fractions
-Using models to compare fractions
*SPEED DRILLS: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Next Week:
-Fractions on a numberline
-Using models to add fractions
-Using models to subtract fractions
-Problem Solving with fractions
-Review for test

                  Social Studies

This Week:

Next Week:


This Week:

Chapter 11 Test: Friday, April 21st
-Chapter 12: Skin

Next week:
Chapter 12: Skin


Students are learning how to write:
-Bible verses in cursive.
-Reviewing how to write certain uppercase and lowercase letters.
Language Arts/Writing
This Week:
Subject/Verb Agreement
Object Pronouns
Using I and Me

Next Week:
Possessive Pronouns
Speaking: Making An Introduction

 Guided Reading
This Week: 
Novel Test Thursday

Next Week:
Novel skits

Field Trip- Friday, April 28th to Kleb Woods
Spelling Words

Words on site change each Thursday. Locate words for upcoming tests in Renweb, or in planner if words have been changed.

1. words
2. earn
3. workshop
4. heard
5. worship
6. earthworm
7. learned
8. world
9. early
10. searches
11. crossword
12. worry
13. pearls
14. worth
15. earthquake
16. worth
17. worse
18. entered
19. breakfast
20. heart
21. Christian


" Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation." Isaiah 12:3

Chapel Verse Leader:
Smith Verse Leader: Mia Bowman
Justice Verse Leader: Adalie

Secret Word: Kleb Woods

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