WEEK of September 25th-29th


Topic 2: Adding Numbers
-Estimating Sums
-Adding 2-digit numbers
-Adding 3-digit numbers
-Adding 3 or more numbers

            Social Studies-Smith

Chapter 1 continued:
-The Great Awakening
-The French and Indian War
-The Revolutionary War
-Review for Test


-Chapter 3 Test-Tuesday, September 26th


Students are learning how to write:

Ff, Gg
Language Arts/Writing-Justice
Week of 9/25
Using A Thesaurus
Writing Game Instructions

 Guided Reading-Justice
Week of 9/25
Making Predictions
Nonfiction Text Features
Review going home Tuesday for Test Friday over Predictions and events in guided reading book. Open Book Test

Book fair is next week

See You at the Pole- Wednesday 
Spelling Words-Justice
Week of 9/11

Words on site change each Thursday. Locate words for upcoming tests in Renweb, or in planner if words have been changed.

1. miles
2. high
3. size
4. quite
5. while
6. bright
7. prizes
8. sunrise
9. sighed
10. pies
11. life
12. necktie
13. fireplace
14. flight
15. upright
16. nighttime
17. please
18. between
19. woman
20. women

week of 9/25
Please look here for the verse on Thursday for the week.

Psalm 119:47

For I find my delight in your commandments,
    which I love.

Chapel Verse Leader:
Smith Verse Leader: 
Justice Verse Leader:

Secret Word: Domino

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