WEEK of October 23-27


Topic 4 Continued:
Monday: Models for Subtracting 3-digit Numbers
Tuesday: Subtracting 3-digit Numbers
Wednesday: Subtracting across Zero
Thursday: Problem Solving
Friday and Monday: Review Topic 4 for test Tuesday, October 31st.

            Social Studies-Smith
We are doing Science right now.
Students will be saying the Preamble in Chapel on Wednesday, October 25th.


-Quiz: Wednesday over 
pages 59-71
-Study sheet sent home Thursday for Chapter 4 Test Monday


Students are learning how to write:
Zz,Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu
Language Arts/Writing-Justice
Week of 10/23
Possessive Nouns
Commas in a Series
Chapter 3 Review

 Guided Reading-Justice
Week of 10/23
Reading in Groups

Items Needed:

Mrs. Smith:
 -large, harder history (social studies) or science related floor puzzles
-colored goldfish for snack

Mrs. Justice
- extra shoeboxes ( ones not used for Operation Christmas Child
-yellow Play Doh
-Brown Play Doh
-Cereal Boxes
Spelling Words-Justice
Week of 10/16

Words on site change each Thursday. Locate words for upcoming tests in Renweb, or in planner if words have been changed.

1. than
2. fresh
3. much
4. photos
5. shall
6. which
7. phone
8. then
9. with
10. stretching
11. eggshell
12. springtime
13. graph
14. switch
15. paintbrush
16. strength
17. choose
18. fruit
19. nothing
20. together


week of 10/23
Please look here for the verse on Thursday for the week.

Students will be saying the Preamble in Chapel on Wednesday, October 25th.

Chapel Verse Leader:
Smith Verse Leader: Mallory
Justice Verse Leader: Liam

Secret Word: Ecosystems

Subpages (1): 3rd Grade Pictures