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Week of March 30- April 3

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Friday Lesson Topic: Buddhist Watch Video Below.

Assignment: Watch video and answer the following questions on paper. Send a picture of answers to Mrs. Justice

Due: Monday 4/6

1. What is the name of their statue?

2. Where was Siddhartha born?

3. What is Nirvana?

4. Name 2 countries that practice Buddhism.

5. Read 1 Cor. 12:10. If Buddhists read that verse, would they still believe it's their job to become perfect?

6. Read Phill. 1:6. Who would they trust to perfect them?

7. Write a prayer for the Buddhist people.



Monday: Linking Verbs Past and Present

Assignment: 196 English book

Due: Wednesday April 1

Wednesday: Contractions with not

Assignment: p 198 English book

Due Monday April 6th



To be updated at a later date



Monday's Lesson: Listen to Chapters 1-3 of new book " The Orphan of Ellis Island for free here:

Assignment: After Listening to the chapters, Complete a KWL chart using the example as a guide. The K is for what you already know about the book ( based on Chapters 1-3) The W is for what you want to know about the book ( Questions you have) The L is for what you have already learned from the book. Remember to spill your guts!

Due Wednesday April 1

Wednesday's Lesson: Watch Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island at this link:

Assignment: Do you Know where your family came from? More than 40% of Americans had an ancestor come to America through Ellis Island. Create a family tree using the example as a guide. Start with yourself ( Name/ Place of birth) and go all the way to your great grandparents. Decorate and send a picture to Mrs. Justice.

Due: Monday April 6th

The Orphan of Ellis Island.pdf
's Family Tree.pdf



  • Tuesday's Lesson: Pages 693-694 (Do set A, B, C, and D only) Review of 3-D shapes, faces, edges, and vertices

-Tuesday's assignment for a grade: IXL- EE 3 and 4 (Link at bottom of webpage) *You can use your notes from last week for help. *IXL- EE 4 will count as a test grade.

DUE: Thursday, April 2

  • Facebook LIVE: Thursday's Lesson: Pages 707-711

-Thursday's assignment for a grade: IXL- FF 1 (Link at bottom of webpage)

Due: Tuesday, April 7



  • Facebook LIVE: Tuesday's Lesson: Read pages 186-189 with Mrs. Smith

-Tuesday's assignment: On notebook paper: You are learning about the characteristics of the different planets. Think of a place you like to visit. How could you describe that place, without naming it to me? A good description includes characteristics that are found only in that place. Give me enough characteristics about your place that I can guess it without you naming it. *Take a picture and email to Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith will reply with an answer.

DUE: Thursday, April 2

  • Thursday's Lesson: Watch video: Lesson 74 (Click on the underlined Lesson 74 to take you to the link.) *Helpful hint: The link takes you to a grey screen. Click your mouse and continue to Lesson 74. You do not have the activity manual but you can watch and answer the questions out loud as she goes through it.

-Thursday's assignment: Take notes over what you learned during the video. *Take a picture and email to Mrs. Smith

DUE: Tuesday, April 7


Social Studies

  • Monday's Lesson- Read pages 137-140

-Monday's assignment: On notebook paper: Make a list of 2 good views and 2 bad views Jackson had about democracy and government jobs. *Take a picture and send it to Mrs. Smith to grade.

DUE: Wednesday, April 1

  • Wednesday's Lesson- Read pages 141-144

-Wednesday's assignment: Answer Lesson 47 questions. (Click on the underlined Lesson 47 to take you to the link.) You may use your book to find answers.

  • DUE: Monday, April 6



All work should be written in cursive.

Mrs. Broad

Click on ART LESSON for this week's lesson. Please fill out questions within google forms and turn in a picture of student's artwork to

Art March 23- March 27 DUE April 3

Art eLearning Link

Mrs Friedel

Click on COMPUTER LESSON for this week's lesson.

Ms Briner

Click on MUSIC LESSON for this week’s lesson. It is due April 9th. Have fun!

Music - March 23- March 27 DUE April 3

3rd grade link

Coach Marlar

Follow along with the workout on the video. Have a family member join along with you and have some fun with a little Tae Bo workout!

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