Weeks of September 13-17

Third Grade

Important Dates:

Monday, September 13- English Test, Animal Pictures Due

Tuesday, September 14- Weather- School Closure

Wednesday, September 15- Math Test, Bible verse

Friday, September 17- Spelling Test, Social Studies Test

Important Information:

3rd grade Information Packet

Background/Volunteer Approval Check Link

RCS Volunteer Application QR Code

Remind: text @deb38d to 81010

IXL login: Link located at bottom of webpage

Username: first name and first initial of last name

Password: first name initial and last name initial

Example: Username: Gunters Password: gs

English/Writing - Mrs. Justice

Monday- English Test

Tuesday- Writing: Ideas

Wednesday- Writing: Ideas

Thursday- Writing: Organization

Friday- Writing: Organization

Homework: none

Spelling Words

  1. plane 11. afraid

2. stays 12. sale

3. faith 13. grains

4. plain 14. taste

5. great 15. landscape

6. paid 16. sailboat

7. raise 17. next

8. maybe 18. planted

9. praise 19. again

10. break 20. against

Optional Challenge Words: spacious, population, forsaken, innovative

Please email Mrs. Justice if you would like your child to spell the Challenge words on the test. They are not bonus and will be counted toward the final test grade.

Homework: Study spelling words Monday-Thursday for tests every Friday

Reading- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Reading Benchmark Assessments

Tuesday: Creating Mental Images

Wednesday: Creating Mental Images

Thursday: Chapter 1-5 review

Friday: Chapter 1-5 Questions

Novels Needed for 3rd grade Reading Instruction

Q1: Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo * click to purchase

Q2: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Q3: Crenshaw By Katherine Applegate

Q4: The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

Homework: none

Bible- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Abraham: Intro

Tuesday: Abraham Continued

Wednesday: Chapel

Thursday: Abraham questions

Friday: Verse quiz and review

Memory Verse:

Let my soul live and praise you, and let your rules help me- Psalm 119:175

Cursive- Mrs. Smith

The students will be writing words and Bible verses in cursive.

Math- Mrs. Smith

Students will be learning their 2X multiplication facts this week. Speed drills are on Tuesday and Thursday. Speed drills can be completed/corrected and returned to Mrs. Smith for Eagle Bucks. Each day students practice their facts with games, activities, and color pages.

Topic 1: Place Value

  • Monday: Review for test

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: Math Test (+5 bonus for completing color math page during online learning and turning it in)

  • Thursday: Addition

  • Friday: Addition

Homework: Study multiplication facts, Topic 1 Test Wednesday

Science- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 1: Animals

  • Monday: Animal Books- Fish

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: Animal Books- Amphibians and Reptiles

  • Thursday: Animal Books- Birds, Vocabulary Quiz

  • Friday: Animal Books- Mammals

Homework: Animal Books- in class project due Monday, Vocabulary Quiz Thursday

Social studies- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 1: The Beginning

  • Monday: Columbus Timeline of Life

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: Review for test

  • Thursday: Review for test

  • Friday: Lesson 1-3 test

Homework: Lesson 1-3 Test Friday

Specials Online

K-5th Grade: If you have extra time, feel free to work on BINGO.

This is completely optional!

Music: Miss Briner


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