Week of October 18-22

Third Grade

Important Dates:

Monday, October 18th- Science Chapter 3 Test

Tuesday, October 19th- Reading Test

Thursday, October 21st- English Test

Friday, October 22nd- No Spelling Test

Important Information:

3rd grade Information Packet

Background/Volunteer Approval Check Link

RCS Volunteer Application QR Code

Remind: text @deb38d to 81010

IXL login: Link located at bottom of webpage

Username: first name and first initial of last name

Password: first name initial and last name initial

Example: Username: Gunters Password: gs

English/Writing - Mrs. Justice

Monday- Commas in a Series

Tuesday- Review

Wednesday- Review

Thursday- Review


Homework: review goes home Monday- Test Thursday

Spelling Words- No test

  1. 11.

2. 12.

3. 13.

4. 14.

5. 15.

6. 16.

7. 17. *

8. 18. *

9. 19. *

10. 20. *

Optional Challenge Words:

Please email Mrs. Justice if you would like your child to spell the Challenge words on the test. They are not bonus and will be counted toward the final test grade.

Homework: None

Reading- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Finish movie

Tuesday: Take Assessment

Wednesday: Nonfiction Text Features

Thursday: Nonfiction Text Features

Friday: Nonfiction Text Features

Novels Needed for 3rd grade Reading

Q2: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Q3: Crenshaw By Katherine Applegate

Q4: The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

Homework: Bring book home Monday to review for Open Book Test

Bible- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Table of Showbread

Tuesday: Altar of Incense

Wednesday: Chapel

Thursday: Tabernacle: The Veil

Friday: Ark/ Mercy Seat

Memory Verse:

none this week

Cursive- Mrs. Smith

The students will be writing words and Bible verses in cursive.

Math- Mrs. Smith

Students will be learning their 10X multiplication facts this week. Speed drills are on Tuesday and Thursday. Speed drills can be completed/corrected and returned to Mrs. Smith for Eagle Bucks. Each day students practice their facts with games, activities, and color pages.

Topic 3: Developing Proficiency: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

  • Monday: Subtracting 3-Digit Numbers

  • Tuesday: Subtracting 3-Digit Numbers Continued

  • Wednesday: Subtracting Across Zeros

  • Thursday: Subtracting Across Zeros Continued

  • Friday: Review Topic 3

Homework: Study multiplication facts

Science- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 4: Ecosystems

  • Monday: Chapter 3 Test

  • Tuesday: Ecosystems

  • Wednesday: Producer, Consumer, Decomposer

  • Thursday: Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore

  • Friday: Food Chains

Homework: Chapter 3 Test Monday

Social studies- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 3: Presidents and Precedents

  • Monday: The First President- George Washington

  • Tuesday: Religion in America

  • Wednesday: Washington's Cabinet

  • Thursday: Western Settlement, Battle of Fallen Timbers

  • Friday: The Capital- Washington, DC


Specials Online

K-5th Grade: If you have extra time, feel free to work on BINGO.

This is completely optional!

Music: Miss Briner


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report cards


Teacher: Justice

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