Third Grade

Week of april 12-16

Important Information:

3rd grade Back to School Information Packet

Wednesday, April 14th- Smith Hospital- bring mask

April 26-30- Spring Book Fair in Library

English - Mrs. Justice


Monday- Past Tense Linking verbs

Tuesday- Linking Verbs: present and past

Wednesday: Contractions with NOT

Thursday- Library

Friday- Use the Force Contractions Game

Homework: None

Spelling Words

  1. head 11. already

2. feathers 12. entered

3. shelter 13. instead

4. bread 14. health

5. weather 15. center

6. bedspread 16. heavy

7. member

8. ready 18. shadier

9. breakfast 19. guessed

10. heaven 20. guest

Homework: Study words fo Test

Optional Challenge Spelling Words: speaking, repeating, seamstress, relieved

Bible- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Gospel Study : Luke

Tuesday: Gospel Study: Luke)

Wednesday: Gospel Study: Luke

Thursday: Banner of Love

Friday: Verse quiz/ Banner of Love

Memory Verse: He brought me to the banqueting house, and banner over me was love- Song of Solomon 2:4

Reading- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Asking Questions: Before Reading

Tuesday: Asking Questions: During Reading

Wednesday: Asking Questions: During Reading

Thursday: Asking Questions: After Reading

Friday: Chapter Assessment

Homework: none

Cursive- Mrs. Smith

The 4th 9-weeks, students will be finding their own verses in the Bible to write in cursive.

Math- Mrs. Smith

*Students are reviewing their multiplication facts. We will take Speed Drills every Tuesday and Thursday. Students will work at their own pace to complete levels. 4th 9 weeks goals: Levels 29-32

Topic : 14 : Measurement: Capacity, Weight, Mass and Time

  • Monday: Customary Units of Capacity

  • Tuesday: Units of Weight

  • Wednesday: Smith Hospital

  • Thursday: Units of Mass

  • Friday: Measuring Units of Capacity

Homework: Study multiplication facts

Science- Mrs. Smith

Solar System

  • Monday: Solar System Book

  • Tuesday: Solar System Book

  • Wednesday: Solar System Poster

  • Thursday: Present Books

  • Friday: Present Posters


Social studies- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 10: The Civil War

  • Monday: Southern States Secede

  • Tuesday: Both Sides Make Plans

  • Wednesday: Advantages/Disadvantages of North and South

  • Thursday: Battle of Bull Run

  • Friday: The Emancipation Proclamation


Music: Miss Briner

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Secret Words:

Civil war


Teacher: Justice

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Teacher : Smith

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