Third Grade

Week of September 28- October 2

English/Spelling - Mrs. Justice

English: Sharing Game Instructions, Nouns

Monday- Sharing Game Instructions ( be looking for a recording of each Game Instruction on Seesaw)

Tuesday- Nouns: Common and Proper

Wednesday- Nouns: Singular and Plural

Thursday- Nouns: Special Plurals

Friday- Nouns: Capitalization Rules

Homework: none

Spelling Words-

1.than 11. eggshell

2. fresh 12.springtime

3. much 13. graph 14. switch

5.shall 15. paintbrush

6.which 16. strength

7. phone 17. ***

8. then 18. ***

9. with 19. ***

10. stretching 20.***

Homework: Study spelling words for test Friday

Bible- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Chapel

Tuesday: The High Priest

Wednesday: The Breastplate of Righteousness

Thursday: Compare/Contrast Jesus and the High Priest

Friday: Signs and symbols of the Tabernacle

Memory Verse: He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most Holy Place once for all by his own blood, thus obtaining[eternal redemption. Hebrews 9:12

Homework: Study your Bible verse

Reading- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Review of NonFiction Text Features

Tuesday: Review game in class

Wednesday: Text Features Test

Thursday: NonFiction Feature Grid

Friday: NonFiction Feature Grid

Homework: none ( unless not finished with in-class reading)

Cursive- Mrs. Smith

Students will practice during the 1st 9-weeks improving their cursive letters. The 2nd and 3rd 9-weeks, students focus on writing words and scriptures in cursive. The 4th 9-weeks, students will be finding their own verses in the Bible to write in cursive.

Math- Mrs. Smith

*Students are starting to learn their multiplication facts. We will take Speed Drills every Tuesday and Thursday. The best grade after 2 weeks will be counted as a quiz grade. We will be practicing in class daily with different activities. This week we are focusing on 10x.

Topic 2: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: Review Topic 2 material, Speed Drill Quiz 5X

  • Wednesday: Review Topic 2 material

  • Thursday: Topic 2 test, Speed Drill Quiz 5X

  • Friday: Topic 3 begins

Coming up: Topic 2 Test- Thursday, October 1st

Homework: Study multiplication facts, Study for Topic 2 test

Science- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 3: Plants

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: Uses of Plants

  • Wednesday: Experiment

  • Thursday: What part of a plant do we eat?

  • Friday: Review Chapter 3 material

Coming up: Chapter 3 Test- Tuesday, October 6th

Homework: none

Social studies- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 3: Presidents and Precedents

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: The First President

  • Wednesday: Electoral College, Religion in Early America

  • Thursday: Washington's Cabinet

  • Friday: Activity

Homework: none

Music: Miss Briner

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