Third Grade

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Week of August 12-14

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English/Spelling - Mrs. Justice

Spelling- Our curriculum is written by BJU Press. There will be 20 words given every Monday, and tests will be on Friday. You'll find the weekly spelling list on this website every week! We practice our words each day by playing Sparkle and discussing word meaning

English- Our curriculum is written by BJU Press. We will learn about all parts of speech with tests at the end of each chapter. We also play a different board game that is themed with our lessons each week.

Writing- We use a combination of BJU Press and 6 +1 Writing Traits. After each chapter of English, we will complete a writing assignment. We share our writing in a variety of ways. We even turn one of our stories into a real published book!

Bible- Mrs. Justice

Our curriculum is God is Wise by Nancy Tumlinson. My favorite lessons are about the Tabernacle, as well as learning God's attributes. Kids love Bible class and learn so much about who God is and HIs plans for them.

Memory Verse: We will learn a new memory verse on Mondays and recite it on Friday for a grade. Look on this site for our verse each week.

Reading- Mrs. Justice

While 3rd grade still uses Guided Reading to test our readers, we are shifting to a Whole Class Novel approach this year. Since 3rd grade no longer focuses on learning how to read, we will all read the same novel as a class to improve our critical thinking skills and reading comprehension. Students will still be split into small groups based on reading needs. We will have loads of fun using movie clips to teach comprehension skills as well as lots of book-club discussions that are student-led.

Please purchase the paperback version of each book. This book will belong to the student. Click on the link. You'll be redirected to Amazon. Click the orange buy button and choose paperback version. *not* Kindle version

Cursive- Mrs. Smith

Our curriculum is a Christian cursive book found at Mardel's. Students will practice during the 1st 9-weeks improving their cursive letters. The 2nd and 3rd 9-weeks, students focus on writing words and scriptures in cursive. The 4th 9-weeks, students will be finding their own verses in the Bible to write in cursive.

Math- Mrs. Smith

Our curriculum is Envision Math. The main focus this year is learning our multiplication facts. Students will also learn about the following: reviewing addition/subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, and fractions. Students have lots of hands-on time during math with manipulatives, student-led teaching, math groups, Fun Friday, and math buddy/independent games.

Science- Mrs. Smith

Our curriculum is written by BJU. Students will have fun in 3rd grade science while learning about different topics such as the following: Warm-blooded and Cold-blooded Animals, Plants, Ecosystems, Matter, Energy in Motion, Sound, Rocks/Minerals, Weather, The Solar System, and Skin/Cells/Tissues/Organs. Each Friday, I have experiments and fun activities for the students to do that align with that week's lessons. This year I will also be incorporating STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math) into all my chapters so students will have lots of hands-on time in science.

Social studies- Mrs. Smith

Our curriculum is written by BJU. Students will be going on an adventure through time starting at the Beginning with Christopher Columbus and God's goals for his life and ending at the Civil War. My hope is that students enjoy this year full of activities, class/buddy/group projects, and lots of role-play to bring the lessons to life. I incorporate lots of reading skills while also allowing students to learn God's plan for the different characters' lives and their own lives.

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