Third Grade

Week of May 10-14

Important Information:

3rd grade Back to School Information Packet

Friday- May 14th- Field Day

Friday, May 21st- Splash Day/ Early Release 11:30

English - Mrs. Justice


Monday- Sound Poem: Drafting

Tuesday- Sound Poem: Revising

Wednesday: Sound Poem: Proofreading

Thursday- Final Draft/Presentations

Friday- Field Day

Homework: none

Spelling Words -have a good summer

  1. 11.

2. 12.

3. 13.

4. 14.

5. 15.

6. 16.

7. 17.

8. 18.

9. 19.

10. 20.


Optional Challenge Spelling Words: none

Bible- Mrs. Justice

Monday: CHAPEL

Tuesday: Names of God: Elohim

Wednesday: Names of God: Adonai

Thursday: Names of God: Abba

Friday: Field Day

Memory Verse: Happy Summer!

Reading- Mrs. Justice

Monday: Benchmark Assessments/ Work on Projects

Tuesday: Benchmark Assessments/ Work on Projects

Wednesday: Reading Projects Due

Thursday: Benchmark Assessments

Friday: Field Day

The Orphan of Ellis Island Choice Board Project can be done in class and at home, depending on the project the student chose. They are due Wednesday, May 12. Please email Mrs. Justice with any questions

Homework: Reading Project

Cursive- Mrs. Smith

The 4th 9-weeks, students will be finding their own verses in the Bible to write in cursive.

Math- Mrs. Smith

*Students are reviewing their multiplication facts. We will take Speed Drills every Tuesday and Thursday. Students will work at their own pace to complete levels. 4th 9 weeks goals: Levels 29-32

Topic 9: Charts and Graphs

  • Monday: TEST over Charts and Graphs

  • Tuesday: Fractions

  • Wednesday: Fractions

  • Thursday: Fractions

  • Friday: Fractions

Homework: Study multiplication facts, Study for test Monday

Science- Mrs. Smith

  • Monday: Famous Scientists

  • Tuesday: Famous Scientists

  • Wednesday: Famous Scientists

  • Thursday: Famous Scientists

  • Friday: Famous Scientists


Social studies- Mrs. Smith

  • Monday: Scholastic News

  • Tuesday: Scholastic News

  • Wednesday: Scholastic News

  • Thursday: Scholastic News

  • Friday: Scholastic News


Music: Miss Briner

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