Third Grade

Week of January 19-22

Important Information:

3rd grade Back to School Information Packet

No School Monday 1/18- MLK Day

English - Mrs. Justice



Tuesday- Illustrate essay/ copy final copy into book

Wednesday- finish copying essay into book

Thursday- Library Time

Friday- parts of a book

Homework: none

Spelling Words-

  1. huge 11. wages

2. job 12. gem

3. germs 13. just

4. bridge 14. judge

5. joined 15. ginger

6. gym 16. strange

7. edges 17.

8. changes 18.

9. joints 19.

10. danger 20.

Homework: Study spelling words each night for Test Thursday

Bible- Mrs. Justice


Tuesday: God's Plan for my family

Wednesday: God's plan for my worship

Thursday: God's plan for my future

Friday: Bible Verse Assessment

Memory Verse: Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise. Ephesians 5:15

Homework: Study Bible verse each night for assessment Friday

Reading- Mrs. Justice


Tuesday: Read Chapters 10-12 and questions

Wednesday:Read Chapters 13-14 and questions

Thursday: Finish questions, Start Imaginary Friend planning

Friday: Create Friend project

Homework: none

Cursive- Mrs. Smith

The 3rd 9-weeks, students focus on writing words and scriptures in cursive. The 4th 9-weeks, students will be finding their own verses in the Bible to write in cursive.

Math- Mrs. Smith

*Students are reviewing their multiplication facts. We will take Speed Drills every Tuesday and Thursday. Students will work at their own pace to complete levels. 3rd 9 weeks goals: Levels 24-27. 4th 9 weeks goals: Levels 29-32

Topic 6: More Division

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: TEST, Speed Drill

  • Wednesday: Relating Multiplication and Division

  • Thursday: Dividing with 2, 3, 4, and 5, Speed Drill

  • Friday: Dividing with 6 and 7

Homework: Study multiplication facts; *Topic 5 Test Tuesday, January 19th

Science- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 8: Soil, Rocks, and Minerals

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: Layers of Soil

  • Wednesday: Types of Rocks

  • Thursday: Minerals

  • Friday: Minerals

Homework: None

Social studies- Mrs. Smith

Chapter 6: Andrew Jackson and Democracy

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: Globe and Hemispheres

  • Wednesday: SEL with Mrs. Jaksha

  • Thursday: Globes and Hemispheres

  • Friday: Democracy and Religion

Homework: None

Music: Miss Briner

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Secret Word:

God's Plan


Teacher: Justice

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